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What is a Household Manager and what are their responsibilities?

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A Household Manager may manage one household or work under the direction of an Estate Manager. The profile of a Household Manager varies depending on the preferences of the Household Manager and the size and staffing needs of the home.

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In some homes the Household Manager may spend most of their time managing and scheduling the household or they may execute the daily maintenance of the household.

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Their skills and experience include, but are not limited to cleaning and maintenance (hands on or scheduling of) , entertaining and etiquette, care of clothing and packing for travel, identifying and care of fine china, silver, crystal, art work, antiques, and cars.

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They are responsible for the security of their employer, and co-ordination and scheduling of service contractors. Household Managers may also have Human Resource skills and be responsible for the hiring and supervision of staff employed as housekeepers, nannies and gardeners.

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Household Managers come from a varied background; some have many years of experience working at staffed estates and have learned by doing. Other candidates have worked in a related professional field and transfer their skill set to the running of a household.


What is the salary range for a Household Manager?

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Household Managers salaries vary across the country. The amount of experience, job duties and hours required will also determine the salary. In Greater Shanghai Area Household Managers are earning from RMB150,000 to RMB350,000 per year.


Where does Day Hutchins staff Household Managers?


Day Hutchins staffs Household Managers in the Grater Shanghai Area and for a select group of employers throughout the country.


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