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A HOUSEKEEPER'S responsibility is to maintain a meticulous appearance of their employer's home, and to perform tasks that ensure the home is clean, organized and presentable.


Essential functions of the job may include:


Execute a daily, weekly, monthly scheduled cleaning of rooms in the home


Vacuum and clean the floors, carpets, area rugs


Dust and polish all surfaces


Dust and polish all surfaces


Make beds daily and change linens as requested


Pick up and organize family living areas


Family laundry and ironing


Errands for the household


Managing the family dry cleaning


Cleaning the kitchen daily after meals including washing dishes


Sweep patio, stairs and outdoor living areas


Other responsibilities could include:


Assistance with the preparation of meals


Care and maintenance of silver, crystal, china


Assist with set up, service and clean up at dinner parties and other events in the home


Assistance with the preparation of meals


Caring for pets including walking dogs, feeding and cleaning up after pets


Organizing the closets


Knowledge and Skills a HOUSEKEEPER should have:


Have the ability to create and/or follow a schedule and work efficiently


Have the knowledge of various cleaning products and know which products should be used on what surface


Have the ability to perform "invisible service" standards when appropriate


Minimum Requirements for HOUSEKEEPER are:


Good communication skills: the ability to read and write in English and take accurate telephone messages if requested

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2-5 years experience working in private service as a housekeeper


Professional references


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