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What is an Estate Manager and what responsibilities do they provide?

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An Estate manager, sometimes called a Personal Business Manager possesses superior administrative, human resource, computer, security and household management skills. The Estate Manager has a solid background in property management; acquisition and negotiation, contract drafting and appeasement, budget planning, construction and renovation projects. They are typically involved in all aspects of the principal's personal finances in relation to the private purchases. The Estate Manager is responsible for a single home typically 10,000 square feet or more and multiple properties that may be found around the globe.


In addition to setting the service standard, Estate Managers are responsible for the hiring, training, and subsequent management of the staff required to fulfill the service needs of the household(s). Estate Managers usually direct the other staff members, who then carry out the hands-on duties.


What is the salary range for an Estate Manager?


Salaries vary throughout the country. Estate Managers are earning from RMB250,000 to RMB500,000, including benefits per year.


Where do you staff Estate Managers?


Day Hutchins staffs Estate Managers in the Greater China Region for a select group of households.


If you're seeking professional staff or employment, we invite you to contact Day Hutchins International.


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