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What is a family Assistant and what are their responsibilities?

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Busy Households need a third, sometimes fourth set of hands and legs to assist the household to run smoothly. A Family Assistant is an experienced person who has usually worked as a nanny, parent's helper, administrative assistant, camp counselor. As the children become older and more self-reliant many professional families seek a mature, self directed person to keep their home organized and chauffer their children to play dates, dance lessons, sports practice.

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A Family Assistant will deliver packages, walk the dog, run errands, drive the children, stock the refrigerator, drive the children, take care of the dry cleaning and baby-sit when needed. Some assistants will also cook family meals.


What is a typical salary for a Family Assistant?

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Greater Shanghai Area Wages range from RMB3500 to RMB5500 per month. Assistants work part-time schedules and full time schedules. They may work one day a week on a long term basis organizing the home and taking care of the household errands. Salaries one day a week are at the higher salary range.


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