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A PRIVATE CHEF is employed by one individual or family full time , and works full time for the employer preparing up to three meals per day.

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A PRIVATE CHEF prepares meals for the household members, other household staff and guests of the household. The PRIVATE CHEF should also expect to set the table, serve the table, and clean up after meal preparation when working for a private individual and /or family and small dinner parties. A PRIVATE CHEF is also expected to keep the kitchen clean and stocked for its employer.

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Some households seek a PRIVATE CHEF who can manage a staff and direct the organization and operation of the kitchen for large events held frequently at the home or multiple homes. Some PRIVATE CHEFS travel with their employer and must have the skills to adapt to different kitchens frequently.


Essential functions of the job may include:


Demonstrate a broad knowledge of cooking styles and cuisines


Have excellent presentation skills that can be adapted to the level of formality of the event


Demonstrate a solid understanding of wine and food pairing


Plan menus and review and receive weekly authorization of the menu and budget


Ensure proper cleaning of the kitchen and appliances


Be knowledgeable of and ensure proper sanitary practices.


Purchase and stock the refrigerator and pantry to ensure employers likes and freshness


Coordinate or prepare all meals for the primary residence as well as other properties. (yacht, private jet, additional residences)


Cook for other staff as requested by employer


Set, Serve and Clean up as appropriate for the number of persons and have the ability to supervise other staff when needed


Minimum requirements for a PRIVATE CHEF:

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2 to 5 years experience as a Personal Chef in a private home


Professional references


Formal training from a Culinary Institution preferred


Ability to listen and learn the preferences of the employer and adapt to the cooking requests of the employer


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