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A CHAUFFER is a driver whose primary responsibility is driving his employer, family and guests to social and business related appointments. The Chauffer is usually responsible for maintaining the vehicles.


Essential functions of the job may include:


Ensure that any and all vehicles are ready to be driven at a moments notice


Make sure that inspections and insurances are current an renewed for each vehicle


Ensure proper care and maintenance of the vehicles


Drive employer to and from work as well as appointments


Drive children to school and pick up from school and drive to activities as requested


Be on-call to drive the employer and business associates to business appointments


Chauffeurs may also provide security services and have been trained as body guards. In this case they should have additional training and have the following knowledge, skills and abilities:


Security training


Emergency and defensive driving training and knowledge of driving techniques


Anti-terrorist training and skills


Minimum requirements for a chauffer are:


Valid and clear driver's license

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2 to 5 years previous experience as a chauffeur driving a private individual and/or family


Professional references


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