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Butlers today may also be known as Household Managers, Estate Managers, or Personal Assistants. The job duties may be the same as the latter job descriptions, however the environment of the work place that hire's a Butler will usually be formal and the daily etiquette in the home will also be very formal.


A Butlers is typically a seasoned manager who maintains a multi-staffed household.

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They will hire and oversee the other household staff and create the policies and procedures for the household to run smoothly. In addition to the overall supervision of the home butlers may perform the following responsibilities.


Knowledge of wine and food.


Maintaining the wine cellars.


The preparation for and receiving of guests


Running household and/or personal errands for the employer


Preparation of the meals


Formal table setting and serving of meals and drinks


Performing valet duties for the employer at home and while traveling


Scheduling and managing service vendors


Personally providing or scheduling household security.


Responsibilities are not limited to the above as each seasoned Butler brings their own unique and personal service skills to a household.


What is the salary range for a Butler?


Salaries will vary because of a persons experience and expertise. Butlers are earning from RMB300,000 to RMB650,000 per year include paid housing.


Where does Day Hutchins staff Butlers?


Day Hutchins staffs butlers for select households throughout Greater China Region.


If you're seeking professional staff or employment, we invite you to contact Day Hutchins Staffing.


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