My Brother

I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time. Had a little reminder today that prompted me to actually make it happen.


My brother is the best. Seriously. Hear me out.


Currently my brother is finishing his Red Seal to become an electrician, while working a full time job at a construction company (gets up at 5 am and ends around 4 pm, but sometimes takes longer shifts). When he comes home, he will do one of two things: grab dinner and head out the door to firefighter training or grab dinner and continue working for my parents on whatever project is at the forefront. He lives in the cabin that he built with my dad on our property.



Ian and I are extremely different people and growing up that was definitely apparent; I was the type A, over-achiever who would cry if she missed school, and Ian was the social butterfly who cared more for having fun than having good grades. We gave our parents stress for very different reasons and I will admit that I was concerned that Ian might make choices that would hinder him in adulthood.

He proved me wrong.


I have never been so proud to be related to someone. My brother is a gentleman with a wicked sense of humor and a dangerously charming demeanor. He is responsible and hard-working and has been a huge support to my parents through all the change and development we have had on the farm. He is a steadfast friend and because of that he has an amazingly supportive group of friends. He is generous and caring and will never fail to make me laugh. Even when he is utterly exhausted, he makes time for friends and family. He is not a bystander. If he sees someone being picked on or mistreated, he is the first person to say or do something.He makes me a better person and brings light to the people around him.


I love you little/big brother. Thank you for being you.



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