jack1Can you imagine running through the woods in the middle of the night, and falling down an old concrete well that is 20 feet deep, and treading water for 24 HOURS before someone found you?

That is what happened to my dog. My dog who I consider a part of my family.

I am writing this after driving like a maniac from Vancouver to Sorrento . My mom, who decided to tell me only after Jack was found, explained what had happened and I jumped in the car 15 minutes later.

Jack ran off yesterday at 5 pm. It is not abnormal for him to run into the bush, but he always comes back within an hour once he has had a good run. Our neighbours heard a yelp and subsequent screaming at 6 pm but assumed it was coyotes. My parents searched for most of the night but didn’t find him. The next day they continued the search, and put posters all around Sorrento, thinking he might have been on someone else’s land. They walked through the surrounding properties again and again, which is difficult to do when there are hundreds of acres of wooded land surrounding the property. My parents were crawling through brush and crashing into branches for most of the day. My dad, who had split off from my mom, was walking quietly through the trees when he heard the tiniest whimper. He looked a few feet in front of him and there was an abandoned well, remnants of a rotten wooden covering scattered around it. When we asked our neighbours about it, they had no idea it existed. He looked down and sure enough there was Jack’s head bobbing at the top. My dad, being a champion among men, put his hands and feet on the walls of the well and shimmied his way down, picked up 80 pound dog, and shimmied back up with the dog. Did I mention the well was 20 feet deep? My dad is a hero.

Jack was found around 5 pm this evening. He had been in there through the night and most of today.

Jack is now lying on my parents bed, which he is not normally allowed to do. Lucky break. His body temperature is back to normal after many hot water bottles and blankets. He has a normal appetite and has had lots to drink. He even wagged his tale when I came into the room. But he is by no means back to his normal self. He is not able to move and he is clearly in shock. He is panting incessantly and any contact with his feet or legs is extremely painful.

It makes me feel ill to think of my dog or any other living thing going through something like that. But I am thankful that my dog is a strong and stubborn being. I am thankful that my dad is a super human. I am thankful that my mom was raised by a vet and handles these situations much better than I do.


What a day.

Desperate Call for Help!

Hi there everyone. We’ve got a problem.


My parents were over ambitious and took on too many projects. What is new.

My mother has planted this amazing garden, but has no time to pick all the things that are growing in it because my parents are doing the haying AND building a store AND moving a cabin AND processing our chickens. Things are going to seed and food is being wasted and they need help. I have been here for the past week doing things and my brother helps when we can. But both of us work during the week and we are not able to be here full time.

So here’s the question: is there anyone in BC who has a green thumb who wants to pick veggies and fruit for the week in exchange for accommodation?It would need to be anywhere from tonight to the morning of the 27th when I will be back to help with things. You would have your own room, bathroom and kitchen as well as a deck and 88 acres of land around you!

Contact me here through the site or by email: eva.l.tavares@gmail.com

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PLEASE let me know! This is rather urgent…