A Farewell…For Now

I am back on the farm for a hot second before beginning one of the biggest adventures of my life to date. But I had to come and meet all the new additions to our household before going! My mom has been an absolute super-human, as per usual. In the past week, we have gained 15 kids and 10 lambs. We almost lost one kid to hypothermia but, thankfully, we spotted it pretty quick and cuddled the little one back to warmth.  Some of their mothers have, once again, refused to feed them, and therefore we are once again on the bottle-feeding duty. This seems to be the theme with nanny goats that have 3 kids; “I had three babies?!? Well I only really have the energy to take care of two of them…”



Bottle-feeding is a full time job as the newborns have to be fed every couple hours. As mom is truly the animal person on the property, she has been taking the brunt of this workload, getting up in the middle of the night multiple times in order to keep the little ones alive. If I was at home I would be helping with this, but unfortunately that really wasn’t a possibility for me as I had a packed month with auditions in Vancouver and Toronto and prepping for the very exciting contract I start tomorrow. Thankfully we do have some family friends who have come by to offer emergency assistance.


Who knows when I will be back again! Many adventures on the horizon that will take me far away from the farm. But, bottom line, I am extremely thankful for this beautiful piece of the earth to come back to when I am not singing and dancing. The property is still changing and morphing everyday. But despite the chaos, it continues to serve as a constant reminder of the important things in life: community, growth, and harmony.