Red Kerchief joins Off-Grid Chick!





Introducing my new partner on the blog! He has been mentioned on the blog quite a few times and now he will be sharing his stories straight from the farm!


Red Kerchief here.

Who? Well, as Eva, the off-grid chick described some time ago, I am something of a brother/uncle to her. And that is a fitting description for I do feel that way. But let’s back up a bit.

Who am I really and what am I doing here?


My name is Peter. Because I wear a red bandanna whilst working on the farm, to avoid sweat getting in my eyes, Eva started to call me “Red Kerchief.” I am a very close friend of Eva’s family and partner in Eva’s family business. My values are very closely aligned with her family’s. We’ve known each other for close to 5 years now and have established a very strong bond. I have been an environmental, democratic and social activist since 2007. Having been born in former Czechoslovakia, I have witnessed injustices in these areas that instilled in me the need to raise awareness and take action.I deeply care about our environmental heritage and preserving it for future generations. I do not believe in infinite growth in a finite world. I believe in sustainable way of life. Not crawling into a cave, but sustainable nevertheless – living, as humans, within our means dictated to us by our planet. Presently, we are consuming way too much – much more than is allotted to us. And that is putting us on a collision path with nature.


So instead of brooding over it, I packed up my bags and left the city. I left my profitable career as  a computer programmer that I had done for 18 years, and decided to become an organic, permaculture farmer. I will continue to be a programmer for some time during the transition to sustain myself financially. But, the important thing is, I am on my way out of an office job, 9-5, traffic each morning and evening, spending little time with my son type of life. Done.

This is not to say that it was easy. I planned it for 2 years. I call it my ‘graceful exit from the city’.  I am doing it for myself. For my 7 year old son. For his generation and those after him. I still believe in the miracle of food growing from seeds, of nurturing that miracle till it blooms and forms a fruit and harvesting and preserving it for me, you and others.

Rex is friends with me because I have food...

Rex is friends with me because I have food…

Coming to Sorrento was hard, very hard. I had doubts every step of the way. But every time I had these moments of weakness, I did a reality check and decided that it was way scarier for me to do nothing than to take that bold step. I planned everything I could , but there are curve balls thrown at us everyday. I still have doubts, and there are enormous challenges here on the farm. But I work with people I love and despite it all, when I am putting the animals away at night, with full moon, and the light warm breeze caressing my face, I know I made the right choice.

So join me, as I join Eva, the off-grid chick and I recount the funny, sad, challenging episodes of my new life here on! I hope you enjoy it!

Peter Endisch