Horsefly Musings

Hello all! Back again with some off-grid goodness. I am writing this from Rose Hill, our Horsefly property, whilst looking out onto our marsh and the rolling hills beyond it. Bliss.

Photo by Victor Khong

Photo by Victor Khong

The last few months have brought me a great amount of learning. Learning that was extremely uncomfortable at the time but necessary for my growth as a performer and person. I won’t go into a huge amount of detail, as that would be a discussion for a different kind of blog, but I will put it into a nutshell: taking time for oneself is paramount. Nothing new or groundbreaking. Just taking the time to “be in now.” Whether that means sitting in a dark room and listening to a calming voice telling you to imagine yourself on a beach, or running around the block 15 times listening to a disgruntled rapper through your headphones, it is all valid. My belief has always been that I needed to get out of the city to feel peace within myself. And yet, that is not a sustainable way of thought, especially in my business. Thus began my journey to find other things that are centering and settling, that don’t involve playing with goats or running after roosters.


That being said, I still recognize my inner need to be in that space and be with my family and be out of the city, so I allocated a week and a half to come out to the farm. I have mentioned time and again how hard my parents are working and how , apart from the immeasurable assistance from our good friend “The Red Kerchief,” they are doing a lot of it by themselves. They have not been on  a holiday since…I actually don’t know when they last went on a holiday. Needless to say, both of them needed a break from the heaving lifting, the early mornings and the constant aversion of crises. So the day after I got to the farm, we drove another 4 hours up to our other property in the Cariboo.

Rose Hill

Rose Hill

Arranging care for all the animals (we are now owners of chickens, bees, geese, cat, dogs, cows, sheep, goats and pigs) was a nightmare. It was quickly realized why vacations are close to impossible: what other crazy person can take on everything that my parents do? We managed to hire a family to feed and water everything and so we went to Horsefly, excited about the quiet that was undoubtedly awaiting us.

My parents are a team, partners in this gargantuan project. They have their disagreements, and can sometimes be truly vitriolic, but they push through so as to keep their sights on the larger goal. To have the pressure taken off for 3 short days was wonderful. They were sleeping in past 5 am, they were laughing and playing board games, they were sitting on the couch and reading books. These kind of things can’t happen when you have almost 500 little life forms relying on you. 3 days…and then it was back to reality.


We were getting concerned phone calls from my 86 year old Nana who, after walking past the animal pastures, noticed that they were out of water and food. We ended up calling our family friends to remedy the situation after the people we had paid to do it did not fulfill their duties. We ended up losing 5 chickens due to a lack of hydration. It was clear that someone had to go back down so as to avoid any other casualties and so my dad cut his vacation short. Like children, no one can take care of your own animals like you do.


Not only was I frustrated for my parents, who are so deserving of some time for themselves, but I was once again reminded of the gratitude I feel for their drive and commitment to this way of life, and the drive and commitment of others who are following this tumultuous path. Superheroes, in every sense of the title, without capes.