Taking bets! Geep or Lamb?

I never thought I would be writing a post about this particular topic but, here I am. Let me start at the beginning.



We have been separating the female goats from the male goats until it gets a little warmer so that we make sure that the nanny goats have their kids when it is warm and the chance of catching hypothermia is low. To make matters easier, we put the male goats with the sheep so that the female goats and their kids can be let out together. At the moment we have one ram lamb who is almost a year old and he is currently half the size of the ewes.

MYSTERIOUSLY, 2 of our ewes are pregnant and they should be giving birth in the next couple weeks. How did this happen? There are 3 possible options:

1) We have holy sheep who have somehow been chosen to have mimic the Virgin Mary’s  immaculate conception.

Photo: athousandwindsthatblow.wordpress.com

Photo: athousandwindsthatblow.wordpress.com

2) The ram lamb found a way to mount the ewes that are twice the size of him, perhaps with the aid of a fence or overturned bucket (This would have had to have been accomplished at night since we have seen no such attempts).

3) The Billy goats decided they would take an interest in the sheep and we are going to have two Geep/Shoat ( goat/sheep) babies.

This is what a Geep looks like. Photo courtesy of CNN.com

This is what a Geep looks like.
Photo courtesy of CNN.com


Although the first two options are intriguing, my money is on the third option. There have been many cases of Geeps or Shoats around the world, but the majority have been stillborn. However, there have also been cases of healthy Geeps. Who can say what is going to happen! The suspense is immense!


Another Geep! Photo: dailymail.co.uk

Another Geep!
Photo: dailymail.co.uk

What do you think? Take a guess in the comment section below!