WANTED: Acousticians!

Have I ever told you that my family thinks big? Or did you just guess…


Over the past week, my family has been participating in what is called the Holistic Farm Management Course. This program was created by a man by the name of Allan Savory but was brought to us by a fabulous, local man by the name of Javan Bernakevitch. Basically, the program helps us farm and manage our resources in a sustainable way by using our resources to their fullest potential. When I say resources, I don’t just mean money and equipment, but also the people that are participating on the farm and what they bring to the process. Needless to say it is extremely in depth. The first day of the program was spent creating a name and mission statement using input from every family member. Here is what we came up with:

The OFFICIAL name of the property is ….. (drum roll) HighCroft Farm! ( Croft means small farm in Scotland, and our farm is on a hill!)


Mission statement:

“We exist as a healthy, caring and joyful team of committed and passionate individuals who grow sustainable agriculture, facilitate education, and provide space for artistic expression to build stable, regenerative and abundant livelihood. These actions enable us to share our harvest bounty, knowledge and artistic celebration, inspiring a growing community to achieve their own freedoms.”


You can see that there are many goals encompassed by this statement. One of the most important parts of this enormous project is community and outreach. I have spoken about sharing the knowledge that comes with living off-grid and living sustainably but we also want to incorporate the arts into that sharing. Not only do we want to ameliorate our lives with the projects we take on within our own property, but we want to help others experience these improvements as well. The first thing we need to start this sharing is a space; a multi-purpose space that can be used for seminars,gatherings, performances, lessons etc. We don’t expect this initial space to be very large as it is a starting point for bigger things, but we hope to get the ball rolling with this beginning platform and expand around it as our mission becomes known.  But, as the space needs to be suitable for performing as well as presentations, we are in need of an acoustician!IMG_3841

Does anyone know of an acoustician who would be interested in offering their skills  for this project? We have been inspired by spaces such as the Westben barn in Ontario and Wolf Trap in Virginia. Any leads would be helpful!

As I write this post, I am reminded once again of the magnitude of what has to happen this spring and summer:

– Build greenhouses

– Plant trees in greenhouses

– Fence and dig space for Permaculture Food Forest

– Plant vegetation in Food Forest

– Build a multi-purpose space


I am exhausted already…



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