Life in a Beautiful Place


Spending a weekend on the farm is always the greatest getaway for me. Yes, there are always tasks needing doing, but when you take a second to look out on the rolling hills or spend an evening marvelling at the immense amount of stars, you realize that to work on this property is a privilege.


The plot of land that is going to be used for the underground greenhouse!

And yet, being off-grid often prevents us from enjoying the outdoors. You might think, that sounds counterintuitive Eva. Let me explain:


The energy police has an official hat…

I may have mentioned that my dad is the energy police; watch yourself if you leave a light on when you aren’t in the room or if you leave something plugged in after you finished using it. The phrase that you will always hear in our house when it is sunny is the following:

“Everyone, it is sunny! Get inside and do every chore that needs to be done!”

Because the weather is very changeable in the Sorrento area, dad likes to make the most out of every minute of sun. He expects anything that requires energy to be done while it is sunny to avoid draining the battery bank too much before it gets dark. So instead of playing around outside, you will often find us inside doing laundry, having a shower, doing dishes, etc. I love my dad, but sometimes…



Thankfully we just recently added another part to the solar system which keeps our water hotter for longer without the aid of propane. There have been 6 more solar panels added to our power shack and these ones are specifically connected to our water system through a series of insulated tubing (more specific details on this addition to come). This means we can have showers at night! You can’t really understand how exciting it is to have a shower in the evening without getting loud knocks on the door accompanied by damning remarks about wasting energy, unless you have experienced having a shower in the evening while getting knocks on the door accompanied by damning remarks about wasting energy.

The good life

The good life

And so, with the help of my dad and his incessant researching, reprimanding, and reassurance, we continue to be successful off-grid occupants, revelling in the beauty of our surroundings while sustainably supporting our lifestyle. Living the life.


Greenhouse Update and “The Weekend of Almosts”

Happy Labour Day everyone! It has certainly been a couple months of labour for our family, but I am pleased to report that the amount of work we have to do has drastically decreased as of Friday; we have officially moved out of the house in Aldergrove! Hurray!

We have been reunited! All the happy!

*For those of you who don’t know the situation there, we were living at my grandfather’s farm in Aldergrove before we found our off-grid properties. Short explanation: My dad and mom have been essentially living separately for the past year because my mom went up to Sorrento to start the farm up there while my dad has been running his business in the Lower Mainland AND cleaning up the Aldergrove farm for sale. Needless to say, now they are able to be in one place full time! The forces have been united once more!

Buh Bye Aldergrove!

Buh Bye Aldergrove!

Moving is by far one of my least favorite past times but, for some reason, it seems as if every family member and friend we know decided to move at the same time. Not only have we been moving copious amounts of farm equipment, furniture and building supplies up to our place in Sorrento, but we have also been helping our friends move at the same time! Without exaggerating, I can list 6 close family friends who are either going through major renovations or moving in the last month. Was there a memo I missed? It seems so perfectly coordinated…

Just to clarify, I was very happy to help all of these lovely people who, in turn, have been there for us through all of this chaos. It was just a tad overwhelming, to say the least. ANYWAYS a big thank you to everyone who donated their biceps and brains to help us over the last couple months, we COULD NOT have done it without you!

2 of Ian's closest friends sacrificed days to help us! Thank you Lenny and Odell! Here they are playing with a prop they found whilst moving...

2 of Ian’s closest friends sacrificed days to help us! Thank you Lenny and Odell! Here they are playing with a prop they found whilst moving…

So why, you might ask, has this past week been titled “The Weekend of Almosts?” There are a few key reasons:

1) We almost had a funeral for our goat George after I found the gate of his pen broken. My mom had heard coyotes the night before and, after finding this evidence, she assumed it was because he had pushed out and then been chased down. He is a bit of a wimp so we assumed he couldn’t have lasted long against a pack of coyotes. We went for an hour hike on the property expecting to find his remains but, when we got back to the pen, he was there! Not sure how he managed that…

2) We almost lost a horse trailer on the highway because my mom forgot to put the pin in. I am not even going to entertain what might have happened there.

3) We almost got stuck coming back to the Lower Mainland due to the major accident in Merritt involving a Tourist bus. Scary business.

4) My mom almost lost her toe nail while moving a bed, but did in fact break her toe. Perfection.


5) We almost lost our dog Rex because he ran down the street after us when we left to get another load from the Lower Mainland. He followed us for a good 2 km. Our dogs have major separation anxiety.

6) I am now almost homeless/living out of my car… yay! Due to the fact that I am now working contract to contract, I am not in one place for long enough to justify renting a place or signing a lease. So I am couch hopping unless I am staying on the farm! Thank you to everyone who has either offered a place or has had me stay in the last couple of weeks, the wandering minstrel greatly appreciates it!


7) And finally…. wait for it…. I almost fell over when I saw the immense amount of equipment that has been purchased for the creation of the greenhouse! We are now proud partial owners of a Kubota 161-3 with 3 different buckets and a dump truck! These pieces of machinery not only give us the go ahead to break ground for the greenhouse but can also help us with other things around the farm including fence building, barn repair, etc., etc., etc.! Pictures and progress reports on the horizon!


See you next Sunday!