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I met Leigh Hilary Lee through dance while I was growing up. She is an extremely talented and inspiring choreographer, teacher, and dancer, who just happens to be a lovely human being as well. Together with her family, JJ Mills Organic Farm was created.

(see interview below)I think my favorite part of this interview is when she refers to her husband as the Google king because of the amount of research he has done to make the farm a reality (this is also one of my dad’s roles in the creation of our farm).


JJ Mills Organic Farm and the far-from-average people who started it demonstrate, once again, how important sustainable living and growing practices are. They saw the need for change and they did it! Action is the key here people! Now, to be clear, I am not exactly telling you to all move to farms and start raising sheep and goats and growing all your own food, even though that would be pretty amazing. But I am urging you to think about…

– volunteering on a farm

– buying local

– researching where your food is coming from

– maybe donating to a sustainable initiative… like an Underground Greenhouse? (see what I did there?)


The projects that are being taken on by the Lee family and my own family are projects that are for the greater good of the community. By ensuring that our local food producers are supported and cherished, we don’t have to be so worried about food security in the long run, we lessen our footprint by eliminating extensive transportation, and you are eating healthier and fresher food! Win win for everybody!

So go to farmer’s markets! Go plant some veggies in your backyard! Go get your hands dirty! I promise you won’t regret it.

Check out JJ Mills on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/JJMILLSINC


Two Loves


Photo courtesy of Scott Ashton Swan

Hello everyone! In the past couple weeks, I have been extremely fortunate to have had many performances and auditions, hence my absence on the blog. While being immersed in performing, I have been missing some aspects of life on the farm, even though I’ve been having a blast in the city. This nostalgia has led me to ponder the pros and cons of my two different ways of life and I have identified one common theme: community.

The last show I did was a concert version of a musical that was put together in under 40 hours with 5 shows at the end. The whole thing was fast-paced and stressful at times, but I was happy to do it. The process was made easier by the people who were involved; everyone was passionate, empathetic and entirely dedicated to putting on a good show and being a good cast mate. In a short period of time, I gained friends who were supportive and understanding in every way. This family dynamic is something that I have witnessed in many of the shows I have participated in.  haying

Similarly, in Sorrento, we have now created a network of like-minded people who are helping us along this journey. In a short time, real connections have been made. People who we’ve never met have dropped what they are doing to help us achieve our goals because they believe it is for the good of our community on a global and personal scale. I am always shocked by such generosity, despite the frequency of its occurrence.

So maybe my two loves aren’t so different after all. Maybe I am just finding the same thing in different places. Lucky for me, I have found it in two different places; one with goats and one without!


I invite you to join our community!


TV Shows, Radio, Papers …Oh My!

Hello everyone!

There has been an amazing amount of interest in the blog and my campaign and I am so appreciative! I now have followers in Europe, USA and the UK! Woohoo! But today is a very exciting day because my stupidly talented best friend who lives in Cali took the time out of her crazy schedule to animate a video for the campaign and now you can all enjoy it! Please take a look and pass on to others! If you feel as if this is something you want to support, please donate whatever you can!

Lots of love!